' Game Artist Portfolio Demi Kluss

About me

Hello!! Thanks for taking the time to find out more about me. I’m 20 years old and studying Game Art at Mediacollege Amsterdam.

I'm a versatile 2D artist and can adjust my art to other's styles very good. My own art has a wide range from realistic digital paintings to stylised and sharp art. I love drawing environments and characters in my free time. In game art, my interest mainly lays in stylised assets and UI. I also have some experience with frame by frame animation. I still do some 3D work on the side and want to get better at it. I like making stylised models with hand painted textures.

A few of my hobby’s are make-up, music and of course drawing. I’ve always been more interested in drawing and creating characters and environments instead of abstract drawings with a deep meaning or realistic still life oil paintings in musea. I just wanted to give life to my and others stories by creating the image of the concept.